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  1. 62k FN2 Type R service cost? Essex Honda or alternative?

    General Discussion (8G)
    So my Type Rn, FN2 service is due in about 4 months, I'm preparing for it early. Just got back from Honda. They quoted me around £550 . Service cost, filters, brake fluids etc all changed. It'll be around 62k when serviced. Is this a good price? Seems extreme to me. Or does anyone know...
  2. Servicing 6-year service

    Buying, Dealers and Servicing
    Just wondered if anyone had advice... Just put in my 08 Civic i-DSI for a service and MOT in a Honda dealership/service centre. It has 33000 miles. I wanted to take it to a Honda service centre because I bought it last September from a Nissan dealership (who said it had full service history...
  3. 48 month/50K Service + Full FRS Eibach -30mm

    ABP Motorsport
    Hi Just wondered if you could give me an idea on cost for my 48 Month Service which does need the Valve Clearance checking and also at the same time I would like to get Eibach -30mm kit and front & rear FRS set-up. My cars current milage is 25k just incase you need know for the service. Also I...
  4. Servicing TDI North worth the Journey?

    Buying, Dealers and Servicing
    Hi All, Just a quick one I know that the guys up at TDI North are great but is it worth the journey up to get my big service done 48 months (Valvue Clearance time) They have already quoted me for the service but it came out more expensive (£30 more) than my local main dealer who would do the...