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  1. Engines and Transmission (8G)
    Hi all, I am new here...I just got my first car a civic 1.4 litre FK 1 dsi 2008 mk8 77,000 miles on the clock. I want to use this car to learn as much as I can about performing services on your own. Can someone please show me the location of the power fluid can...and how do I go about...
  2. General Discussion (8G)
    Hi guys, I have a 1.4 83 hp Civic Hatchback from 2008 (5d) which I bought 2 years ago on 35k miles and it only did around 5 k after we bought it. I am disappointed with the engine performance however looking at the new cars produced after 2010, I could not find anything reliable so decided to...
  3. General Discussion (8G)
    Does anybody have a "how to" or pics/descrip for cleaning the maf sensor on the diesel. I know the airbox location/clips are different for diesel and petrol and have seen clips on youtube for petrol but not diesel. I've replaced the filter and have the spray cleaner, but when i replaced the...
  4. Engines and Transmission (9G)
    Has any one ever serviced a 1.4 I-DSI in a civic before ?.The first four spark plugs are easily accessible, however the back four are too difficult do you have to remove the air intake or its there a trick I'm missing here ?. There seems to be no space and no visibility, removing the air intake...
  5. Buying, Dealers and Servicing
    I cant remember if im on my 3rd or 4th service but I have a few niggly issues such as squeaky clutch, broken fog light (should I buy one second hand?) and also the miles are at 37500 and I need my MOT done. Where should I go? I live in WGC and work in P Bar.
  6. General Discussion (8G)
    Hi all, I was just wondering if anyone knew off the top of their head or from personal experience whether the 62,500 mile/60 month service was a major or minor one? Cheers, Nick
  7. Buying, Dealers and Servicing
    Hi All, My Type R is coming up for its 36 month service so I enquired at my local lookers in Derby and they have quoted over £300 for its 36month service which seems a bit steep to me looking at the Maintenance wiki. Just wondered if any type r owners remember what they paid for there 36 month...
  8. 8G Type R
    Hello, My car's due its 2nd service and am being quoted silly prices by the local Honda dealership which haven't done a great job in the past... I'm based in Darlington but would be willing to travel to Newcaslte or N.Yorks if there's a good independent Honda specialist. I've had a quick...
  9. Engines and Transmission (8G)
    Hello All I purchased a 5 year budget plan servicing under Honda Happiness for £540 towards Civic Type-S 1.4 Petrol (3 months old). Is this a good deal and is it the same as 5 year Fixed Price plan? The service schedule doesn't include spark plugs, fuel filter and anti-freeze but on the...
  10. Buying, Dealers and Servicing
    My second service is due in September. My '57 Civic has very low miles - just under 10k at the moment. I'm starting to shop around the dealers for best service prices...only there's not too many to choose from in Cumbria! Has anyone used either of these companies? Car Service | About Us | Car...
  11. Buying, Dealers and Servicing
    just took it for servicing theres only 2.5mm left on front and discs are below minimum. does anybody know where can i get cheap front discs and pads and what are the part number for them and information or links please help thanks
1-11 of 11 Results