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  1. Radio Android Head Unit - DAB Issues

    Ipods, MP3 Players and ICE (8G)
    Hi All, I have an Android head unit installed, which I had in my previous car, however i’m struggling to get anything out of the DAB as the signal just isn’t there. I had the unit in my last car with no issues at all however in that I had a powered external antenna replacing the OEM one...
  2. Radio DSP setting on 2010 models?

    Ipods, MP3 Players and ICE (8G)
    I've seen a couple of YT videos about turning off the DSP (giving better bass and overall sound reproduction) but all these videos are from the US (I think). It involves holding some buttons down while powering the head unit on, forcing it into diagnostic mode , then manually turning the DSP...
  3. First Home - iPhone O2 Signal Problem

    Any non Civic chat here please!
    Having moved into my first home with the missus last weekend I discovered that the signal I get on my O2 iPhone 3g is terrible! I have been on the O2 site and it shows signal should be at its peak, the house is 200 year old with thick walls so this may be a contributing factor but when I lived...
  4. Electrics Radio Reception! Have we come across the answer??

    Bugs, faults and irritations (8G)
    This morning our car was ffrosty so we scrapped the windows and went on our way, listening to the radio (perfect reception), then the rear window started to steam up so Chris turned on the mirror and window de-icer button! ..... and at the precise moment the radio signal went and was just making...