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  1. Snow Foam - Review of Sterling Products Maxi-Mousse

    So the other day I noticed that I was running out of my Autobrite Magi-Foam, so I started hunting around for an alternative. (although I have been pleased with the magi-foam). And working at brindley honda, I came across the company that they buy their cleaning products from; sterling products...
  2. R-Red Frozen CTR

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  3. Civic good in the snow or bad!?? (merged)

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    Hey, Well.... Driving home from work! Falkirk to Stirling on the main roads was... horrendous! The car was skidding about when I was doing 15mph in 2nd and 3rd gear! At one point I had to stop at a roundabout and was doing 5-10mph in 2nd gear and I physically couldn't stop the car! I...
  4. S-Red The only bit of snow we got......

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    ....and you can hardly call it snow really!! Lasted a few days though but turned to ice and was very dangerous!! Sorry about the quality taken on my phone, from my step in my pj's lol!!! Jayne x