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  1. Solarplexius 10% DISCOUNT code

    Any non Civic chat here please!
    Solarplexius 10% DISCOUNT code (sweden only MAYBE) Hi all Just got a mail from solarplexius that they have a summer discount with 10 % off untill 31th May. Dont know if it works for you or if you have another code but thought I should post it anyways :) Easy to fit sun protection for cars in...
  2. Solarplexius Guide

    Styling (8G)
    Right a couple of years ago I bought the solarplexius for my Type S after deciding I liked the idea of tints but I wanted something that I could remove in poor visibility, such as winter time. I didn't like the idea of the sunshades so looked around for other options and found the solarplexius...