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  1. 2006 ictdi 2.2 with problems- only just bought too!

    Previous Civics
    Hi all, I’ve been looking through previous posts relentlessly looking for similar issues to mine but I can’t anything exactly the same. I bought a very nice example 2006 (56 plate) Civic which on the very short test drive had no issues at all. I agreed to buy the car but before I took it away...
  2. Electrics Speedometer display backlight cutting out

    Electronics (8G)
    Hi guys, The speedometer display backlight keeps cutting out for random periods of time whilst driving. I can see see the speed if I look closely but the display is completely black without the blue blacklight. Other lights in that area such as warning and indicator lights seem to be working...
  3. Digital speedometer

    Electronics (8G)
    Hi the digital speedo on my 2006 1.8 civic is only working intermittently. I've had it apart and it stays on for a while if I press the circuit board components in but goes off again after a while. I think it has a dry solder joint but can't get the board off to fix......anyway....there are...
  4. How to replace Plastic Cover Over Speedometer

    General Discussion (9G)
    I have a 2013 Civic Touring. My phone slid across my dash and put a hole right through the plastic cover that is over the digital speedometer. I just want to confirm how to replace the whole plastic piece. I have ordered the part in but just want to know how to replace it. What part of the front...
  5. Cruise Speedo fluctuating crazily

    Electronics (8G)
    Guys, I have had my 2.2 type S GT for a year or so and last month started being strange. The speedo jumps from 0mph to 90mph to 67mph etc etc. when the speedo is fluctuating, the cruise won't work and the stereo goes quieter than usual. Strangely, this rarely happens when I am in the car alone...