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  1. Bugs, faults and irritations (8G)
    Hello Few weeks ago i buy a Honda civic 1.4 from 2006. From a few days a now i have the problem of many people in here talk about it.:( When i start the car the steering wheel doenst move and appear a warning on the dashboard. I Already check the battery two days ago it was really dead. so i...
  2. 8G Type R
    Anyone have any visible security on their CTR? Missis is after me pricking up one of those big yellow stoplock type things to put on the steering wheel or something along that idea. The top of the range ones are £70 -£120. Price isnt an issue if it means limiting the risk of the car being...
  3. Greece
    Καλημέρα. Άνοιξα αυτό το θέμα (μετά και από παρότρυνση και του skam) όπου θα μπορούμε να συζητάμε θέματα ποικίλου περιεχομένου, π.χ. τις σχέσεις των δύο φύλων, τον καιρό, ποιός έχει το καλύτερο μαύρισμα κλπ. [smilie=tongue.gif]
1-3 of 3 Results