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  1. Styling (8G)
    hii, i just bought a pair of "type S" vinyls to go on the side of the car and i was just wondering do you put them on both sides or just the left side (which the "s" is pointing at the rear of the car) because i have looked at so many photos of peoples cars on this forum but they only show the...
  2. Gallery (8G)
    Sticker has arrived. Forgot to clean the surface but it looks fine :P On another note.. does anyone know if it is possible to open up the rear light cluster so I can spray the H black?
  3. Styling (8G)
    Hi all...well I ¨GUESS¨ Im the only one who have sticker here in Spain (madrid):cool:...Thankz Pottsy! 2nd pic....same day when I install the sticker and it´s Her 1st b-day:D so I waxed it! (looks like new again)
  4. Introduce yourself
    Would this be the only CivInfo.com stick on a Civic in the whole continent in Africa ? Has some time today to put it on my rear window, hope to see more Civic's in South Africa that supports this forum.
1-4 of 6 Results