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  1. Sumo Power
    We have just set up our own Ebay shop. This is ideal for those customers who like to shop on Ebay, work unsociable hours or just find it easier and quicker to click and buy what you need when you want it. SUMO POWER EBAY SHOP LINK We have lots of new parts, old stock and special offer parts...
  2. Type-R
    Hey Guys when buying the type r with 19"rages it crossed my mind whether it would impact performance or not with having a bigger rolling radius and I couldn't find any info on it! Incase anyone wondered the same see vid attached as you can see the rages actually give a slight edge over stock :D
  3. Ipods, MP3 Players and ICE (8G)
    I've looked in a few places and cant find any info about the size of the stock speakers in my car ( 2011 type s 1.4 ) just wondering if anybody here could help me out and tell me the right size/depth of the speakers so i can look into buying new ones, thanks