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  1. J's racing stock arriving end of september!!

    Sumo Power
    We have a container full of J's Racing stock arriving at the end of September. There are various items available such as Exhausts, Strut Braces, Shift Knobs, Stickers, Oil Filler Caps, Wheel nuts, Exhaust mount rubbers and Rad caps We have also reviewed and reduced our retail prices and can...
  2. J's racing product stock

    Sumo Power
    Hello All, It has been a while since we have been on Civinfo! We are looking at getting some fresh stock from Japan, primarily J's Racing parts. What we would like to know is, from a owners point of view what parts would you want us to have in stock for you to buy? Exhausts? Strut Braces...
  3. Issues being contacted by Sumo Power

    Sumo Power
    Following a spate of comments saying you are struggling to get in touch with us, please read the following statement: We are naturally very concerned about comments relating to e-mails not being returned. Our sales staff have constant visibility to the [email protected] and...
  4. Huge 30% sale at Sumo!

    Sumo Power
    30% OFF SUMO POWER SALE!!! To celebrate our recent move to the new Daventry HQ, we are having a HUGE sale of 100's of amazing HKS, Do-Luck, J's Racing, Cosworth and other top brand name parts - with 30% off loads of amazing product!!! :D:D:D To get involved and find out what is what, LIKE us...