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  1. Black Geetarman's 1.8 Si

    Gallery (8G)
    Finally got round to giving the motor a bit of a clean and out for a few pics, not the best location but was empty so didn't look like to much of a nutter taking pics of me car :grin2: Done a few minor updates, double din with reverse camera, Skunk2 gear knob and a gaiter, footwell LEDs, fog...
  2. HKS Products Price Increase

    Sumo Power
    Dear Civinfo Members, HKS PRODUCTS PRICE INCREASE NOTIFICATION This is due to the JPY/GBP exchange taking a hit in recent months and not returning to prior rate anytime soon. So if you were thinking, considering, dreaming of buying any HKS parts NOW would be the ideal time to do it. All...
  3. Issues being contacted by Sumo Power

    Sumo Power
    Following a spate of comments saying you are struggling to get in touch with us, please read the following statement: We are naturally very concerned about comments relating to e-mails not being returned. Our sales staff have constant visibility to the [email protected] and...