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  1. Induction The all new Superstrong Rotrex Supercharger

    Engines and Transmission (8G)
    Good Afternoon members. Hope you are all well. Here at TTS we design and manufacture Supercharger conversion kits, for all levels of performance, from sport kits, to full race kits. We would like to say they were perfect, but we had a few issues, only a few but we did. Not from our side...
  2. Other Digital Gauge Screen?

    Electronics (8G)
    Hey guys, As most of you know, forced induction requires quite a bit of additional information to be displayed to ensure a nice healthy running system, especially under extreme driving such as on the track. Normally this is displayed in the form of a gauge pod or four but i was wondering if...
  3. Exhaust Black/stained bumper help

    Engines and Transmission (8G)
    Hello people Was wondering if any of you forced induction/decat boys could help with black soot marks on the silver triangles and plastic surround i have on my supercharged civic? I used to get a slight yellowing that would get progressively worse over time when it was just minus the cat. But...
  4. Comptech vs the rest

    General Discussion (8G)
    Hello people - Could someone please explain the differences between the JRSC, CT, Roterex and any other Superchargers out there at the moment - Booked in with CPL for the CT Stage 3 + CPL Cai and Just been looking around at other people installs and want some opinions really from those in the...