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  1. Photos and write up of trip to Swedens Koenigsegg

    Any non Civic chat here please!
    After giving my civic a good spit and polish and winning the cleanest car competition here is my trip to Sweden to visit the Koenigsegg factory. Took nearly 3 hours to upload the 200+ photos, but here is a few of the best. Still got to edit the videos but got a fair few of them too. When...
  2. Other KOENIGSEGG CCX Edition!! eye candy

    Gallery (8G)
    Well after my trip to Sweden to visit the koenigsegg factory got over 500 pictures a few movies need to sort them out but here is a wee taster. The car is absolutely brutal in every way amazing... Will be writing a small blog on the 3M website and will post here too..... Drool it's the full...