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  1. Detailing
    I was having a wee read at the robbo51-fatboy-detail thread and noticed a few of the pros commenting on the use of certain Scholl Concepts products. Should these products not be used on certain cars? Does S3 cut through more than S17+ or S40? What's the most effective for removing swirls...
  2. Detailing
    A good test that fifth gear did to show you what damage car washes etc do to your car. Seeing as our paint work isn't the best,and why you should best avoid the dreaded squeegee thing well. I think there is nothing more satisfying than cleaning your own car as well.:D
  3. Detailing
    I entered the polishedbliss.com shown n shine competition they have every month, you win £150 worth of goods from their website, I entered feburarys competition and won. Im well chuffed got £150 worth of detailing goodies to get now, dont no what im going to choose spoilt for choice. Heres...
1-3 of 3 Results