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tangerine orange gt

  1. Alloys Choice Need some wheels advice !! :)

    Wheels, Tyres, Suspension and Brakes (8G)
    Ive been wondering what to do wheels wise for a while. Im no closer to deciding what to do ! Originally the plan was get spacers and springs fitted and keep blades. However there showing a fair bit of wear now and the repair with original paint is so expensive. Started looking around at new...
  2. Stunning 2008 Tangerine Orange 2.2 Type S GT Colour Coded with Blades

    Bassetts Honda
    Guys My Tangerine Demo is now on sale :( The car is a fine example of how a Type S GT should look as it has : 18" Blades ( A must ) Front & Rear Splitters Tailgate Spoiler Side Body Protectors Colour Keyed Skirts & Bumpers !! Have a look at the link & let me know what you think ...