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throttle body spacer

  1. _MG_0028.JPG


    finished and everything back on its place
  2. _MG_0027.JPG


    finished product, fits perfect and the engine response is even better now...
  3. _MG_0025.JPG


    100% fit and only to use longer bolts... but way too long, so I had to cut them 15-20 mm
  4. _MG_0023.JPG


    easy install, just remove everything...
  5. _MG_0008.JPG


    throttle-body-spacer from Bloxsport, high quality billet
  6. Spacer 5.jpg

    Spacer 5.jpg

    looks perfect
  7. Spacer 4.jpg

    Spacer 4.jpg

    very precise elaboration
  8. Spacer 3.jpg

    Spacer 3.jpg

    the little difference between physics and woodoo
  9. Spacer 1.jpg

    Spacer 1.jpg

    My christmas present this year is an item for my car I want to take a look...