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  1. Trackdays
    Me, my brother (turbo GT86), and a mate (V8 F-Type) had our first post-lockdown track day back at sunny Blyton. It was a fully booked day with Javelin with plenty of race teams and track day goers desperate to get some seat time, but nonetheless, there wasn't much waiting to get out or many red...
  2. Introduce yourself
    Hi all, I’ve wanted an fn2 for about 10 years and last July I finally got my act together and made the purchase. Since then I’ve been on track at donington , driven about 4000 miles around the Peak District and I just absolutely love it. A lot of people though I was mad changing from a VAG...
  3. Trackdays
    Keeping the track day train going by going to Croft on the 9th March with Javelin. If anyone is already going or planning on going let me know and I'll keep an eye out for you. 5 years since I was last there, and a lot has changed with the car so it'll make for an interesting comparison!
  4. Trackdays
    As per the title.................... Tuesday 19th May 2015 Croft circuit with Javelin Sign in starts from 07.45hrs Track opens 09.15hrs until 17.00hrs. Costs £179.00 Be good to get a few along for the day. The more the merrier. Booked: 1. Staffs Deltic (Paul) 2. Trevor Lubbock
  5. Trackdays
    As per the title, a track day at Cadwell Park on Sunday 22nd September. I have booked this through trackday.co.uk and the price is £179.00 (there is a 2% surcharge for credit card payment). The day is an open pit lane event meaning you can come and go as you please. Link: September, 2013 Car...
  6. Trackdays
    Apologies if i'm going about this all wrong ... i've decided to jump in at the deep end! I recently went to a totalmini.com top gear 09 meet/track day. The cost was £40 per car and we got at least 4 x 5 laps Again apologies for the newbieness, but are we the same sort of forum/club as...
  7. Trackdays
    Hi, everyone, i know thee is already a thread about track days and such but i'd thought i'd use this oportunity to make current a track day that is going to be coming up available to anyone who is interested ! ! ! I work at RAF Marham which is in east anglia about 15 miles south east of...
1-7 of 7 Results