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  1. General Discussion (8G)
    I have managed to pick up a set of rages and looking to get them factory diamond cut refurbished. As you can see will need a bit of work! Does anyone know what the original colour was for the inner part of the wheel? This is what I am trying to achieve…
  2. Introduce yourself
    The biggest regret of my life was part exchanging my from new 2008 Alabaster Silver, FN2 Type R GT Nav with Rage Alloy Wheels for a 1 series coupe in 2011! In recent years the regret has caught up with me I have been looking to replace her with something similar. I narrowly missed out on an...
  3. EBC Brakes
    Civic Type R racer secures silver in the second round of the series, held at Oulton Park Following a podium finish at the first round of the 2022 750MC Type R Trophy series at Croft Circuit recently, competitor Mark Dicken continued his success by securing silver overall in the second leg of the...
  4. Wheels, Tyres, Suspension and Brakes (8G)
    I have recently bought a 2008 1.8 5 door, but being fairly new to this I'm not sure of much yet. I have read through the forum a lot to try and decide what I want to do when I change my suspension. I have considered just getting new oem shocks and eibach lowering springs but I am also now...
  5. General Discussion (8G)
    Hey, I've got a petrol 1.4 SE (only 83bhp) and the engine and everything is in great shape, but it's always at the back of my mind what a 1.8 litre one or even a 2L type R would feel like regarding acceleration compared to mine. For city driving mine is perfect, but only starts pulling...
  6. Introduce yourself
    Hi, this is my first Honda. It's a Civic Type R mk8, had it a few years now. Loving the rev happy beast!
  7. Introduce yourself
    Hi Everyone! After lurking around these forums for a while unregistered as a member, I thought it was far too long to be rude of me to not join and introduce myself, so here we are.. Hi I'm Carl! :D👋 Purchased my FN2 Type R a few months back after living life with a Poor man's Focus ST Mk2 (I...
  8. Introduce yourself
    Hi all, Thought i had posted here before but maybe not lol We are a Honda specialist in north wales CH7 for Honda sales service and repairs Engine, gearbox, Suspension and Air Con all repairs and works carried out Please take a look www.hondaservice.co.uk Give us a like on facebook Best regards...
  9. General Discussion (8G)
    Hi folks so im looking to buy type r series and found a beautiful 2009 civic type r fn2. Odometer says 108k km Now the sellers asking price is 17k aud around 13k usd. (Im based in aus btw). This is my first time buying a sports car and wondering is it overpriced? The images can be found here
  10. 8G Type R
    I mainly drive on weekends except for the odd short journey during the week - the roads in the UK are quite shite, so therefore I'm wondering how uncomfortable the ride in FN2 type R really is. I'm coming from an old Yaris which I obviously felt every bump in and the cabin noise was loud. So...
  11. General Discussion (8G)
    Thinking of picking up a 2007 type R, unmodded for about £4K. Just wondering if robbers or even cat thieves target these cars anymore or are they too old to be worth it?
  12. 9G Type R
    As the title says, there was/is water inside the side pods of my FK2 Type R spoiler/wing. Backstory: I bought the car in November 2020 from another country (with 52k KMs on it) so I didn't actually test drive the particular car itself but judging from the pictures and because the vendor was...
  13. FN2 Type R GT_2007.jpg

    My first Type R in collection
  14. Engines and Transmission (8G)
    What is the electrical wire on the inlet manifold on the FN2 engine.
  15. Electronics (8G)
    Hi Guys, Im located in Australia and just purchased an FN2 Type R 2007. The car had 174 thousand Kms on it and also came with a almost brand new (20,000kms on it APPROX) Type R FN2 OEM steering wheel (uninstalled) when I Purchased it. I did my research and learned how to uninstall and install...
  16. Gallery (9G)
    Hi all, First post on the forum! Picked up my 9G Milano red sport about a year ago, decided to start doing a few small mods recently! Red H badge for the rear end and some type R centre caps, really does make a difference to the car! I have loads more in mind that I want to add, so its just a...
1-17 of 216 Results