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  1. Ipods, MP3 Players and ICE (8G)
    I've looked in a few places and cant find any info about the size of the stock speakers in my car ( 2011 type s 1.4 ) just wondering if anybody here could help me out and tell me the right size/depth of the speakers so i can look into buying new ones, thanks
  2. Styling (8G)
    After Reading the thread about staining the grey trim on a Type-S I thought I'd give it a try. I've got a 08' Civic in Deep Bronze Pearl Type-S and I don't really like it that the under parts are grey. So I got some dye from ebay and some Turtle Wax - Black in a Flash to make it black. I will...
  3. Styling (8G)
    Might be a silly question, but has anyone seen any examples of the grey trim on a Type-S being stained / painted a darker grey/black? I'm sure there are temporary solutions but ideally, I'd like to see if there is anything permanent that can be done to match it up to the black trim on the...
  4. 2009 Civic (8G)
    Hi guys! I'm relatively new here... I have gone around the whole forum reading great stuff about the 2009 Civic... Was really helpful! Thanks! I was to decide between a Scirocco and the Civic. You guys helped me opt for the Civic which I'll order next Saturday. It'll be a Black Type-S 1.8 GT...
  5. Gallery (8G)
    Hi from Croatia! I have recently bought a Honda Civic 1.8 Type-S, and I really love it. I have added some stickers on the car to make it even more beautiful! As I was looming around this great forum, I've noticed that you can purchase Type-R front grille and mount it on Type-S. And it really...
1-5 of 7 Results