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  1. Technical Slow USB read between MP3 tracks

    Ipods, MP3 Players and ICE (8G)
    My ‘10 Civic ES takes a long time to load the next track when playing files from a USB stick (~10 seconds). I have tried all the disk format types (FAT, FAT32 etc), multiple USB sticks and with/without the files in sub folders. Does anyone else have this problem? It could be that all of my USB...
  2. Songs via Memory Stick not playing.

    General Discussion (10G)
    Hi there all...i am in need of your expertise with this one as it has me baffled. I have downloaded a lot of music from Youtube onto a memory stick...formatted memory stick, made sure songs have been converted into correct file formats etc. When i plug the memory stick into any of the ports it...
  3. USB ports have stopped working

    Electronics and ICE (9G)
    Hi all, I have been using a USB flash drive for music ever since I got the car and for no apparent reason its stopped playing. I have reformatted it ( to FAT 32) and put music back on but still not working, I just get "loading" on the screen then no device found. I have an old small capacity...
  4. Upgrades Yatour Bluetooth-AUX-USB Unit - Got a few questions for owners :)

    Ipods, MP3 Players and ICE (8G)
    Hi, I'm thinking of buying the Yatour Bluetooth-USB-AUX unit. The one with the built in Bluetooth. I was wondering who else has this and if you can help with the questions below, it's quite hard to find full information about it. 1. Once I have connected it all, Can I stream music from my...
  5. Head Unit USB audio interface via CD changer

    Ipods, MP3 Players and ICE (8G)
    I would like to have a USB interface connected to the car stereo, so I could copy mp3 on a usb stick and listen to it. I saw the thread for the CTVHOX001 auxiliary interface, however I would prefer the usb solution I have seen devices go for around £150-200. has anyone tried the cheap ebay...
  6. Head Unit avic-f930bt iphone 6 & 6s

    Ipods, MP3 Players and ICE (8G)
    Is there an official update supporting the iPhone 6 & 6S USB ? i Have an iPhone 6s and when the battery is less than 85% is not connecting. when higher than 85 its fine. its connecting but its not always playing music when the error occurs the GPS displays a message saying that USB is...
  7. AUX in USB connection issue

    Ipods, MP3 Players and ICE (8G)
    Hi everyone Was listening to music through my iPhone yesterday and suddenly at traffic lights the music stopped and a loud buzz/hum/crackle started to come out through the speakers with a slight hint of music coming out the right speaker. I thorght it was the apple cable that may have broken...
  8. Head Unit Arm-Rest USB/Aux In with aftermarket Head Unit

    Ipods, MP3 Players and ICE (8G)
    Hi Guys! I've had a bit of a search around the forum and I can't find anything conclusive regarding this question. I have a 59 plate Type S which has the USB and Aux jacks in the arm-rest cubby hole, and I'm looking at upgrading to a nice double din unit, but just wondered if there's any way...
  9. AUX in Honda Civic 2009 EX - USB port

    Ipods, MP3 Players and ICE (8G)
    My Civic does not have bluetooth. It has a USB & 'AUX in' port in the box behind the handbrake. This is already using the CD-changer port in the back of the stereo. Please see attached images. If I want to install a new bluetooth unit, I will have to open up everything, remove the USB wire...
  10. Technical 11 Civic Type S 1.4

    Ipods, MP3 Players and ICE (8G)
    Hi All, I hoping to buy a 11 Civic Type S 1.4, but was very disappointed to find that it doesn't come with a USB port and wasn't even available as an optional extra! Does anyone know if the stereo that comes with the Type S GT is the same as the one fitted to the 1.4, and if so is there an...
  11. connecting ipod / USB to stereo

    Ipods, MP3 Players and ICE (8G)
    Hello All, Each week i have to commute for four and a half hours. I'd like to be able to connect my iphone without using a FM transmitter. I'm wondering what the best solution is. I've read about a few solutions eg: Xcarlink, but people say its buggy and track names do not appear etc. I have a...
  12. Other My Civic type S GT 2.2 CDTI 2009 doesn't have a USB port?

    Ipods, MP3 Players and ICE (8G)
    Hi guys this is my first post so bear with me haha. I picked up my used 2009 Honda Civic Type-S GT CDTI 2.2 today and after searching the car and then the internet it seems as if my USB ports are missing? It is supposed to be in the arm rest but there's nothing there. I was hoping to be able to...
  13. Satnav 8th Gen SD Sat Nav on Si-T ES-T etc

    Electronics (8G)
    Hi guys I am new to this forum as I am about to buy my first 8th Gen Civic. I want one that will last me a while so I basically want all the toys, including Sat Nav, Bluetooth, USB, etc. I figured this means I probably need an EX GT, so have been scouring Auto Trader for these, but recently...
  14. Upgrades XCarLink Compatibility

    Ipods, MP3 Players and ICE (8G)
    hi there folks! i have a question regarding the XCarlink Compatibility with my 2007 Honda Civic Type S GT 2.2 now i know the type S GT is supposed to have an ipod connection but mind doesnt, ive checked the paper work and it is a type S GT infact it has every optional extra but the ipod! the...
  15. Other Invisible USB MP3 files

    Ipods, MP3 Players and ICE (8G)
    Just got my ES GT Auto and encountered an oddity with MP3 files on a USB stick. I had a memory stick with some MP3s and I added some more. When I plugged the stick into the adapter cable the unit displayed "USB LOAD" but then only showed the original files - not the extra ones I added. I...
  16. AUX in the age old ipod question!

    Ipods, MP3 Players and ICE (8G)
    new to the 8th gen civic scene! first post as well! i bought an 2007 2.2 diesel type S GT, and its fully loaded! (almost) i have (all from factory) Sat Nav, Panoramic Roof, Reversing Camera, Bluetooth... but no USB port? There are loads of threads and posts about the retro fitting an ipod...
  17. Other USB & Reversing Camera

    Ipods, MP3 Players and ICE (8G)
    Sorry if someone has asked this before but is it possible to fit both a reversing camera and usb interface into my 2007 civic ex (sat nav), as i think they both use the same port on the back of the head unit? Been on XcarLink and they were saying yes on the website but thought id ckeck with them...
  18. Hello from Surrey

    Introduce yourself
    Just brought 2008 Civic Hybrid automatic, only 21,000 on the clock. Drives really well, and saves a fortune on petrol. Shame no USB port. Anyone know of a solution
  19. Civic 08 AUX Issue

    Honda Accord
    As the 08 does not come with USB feed, I brought a (cheap) widget which plugs in the lighter with cable into AUX connector. AUX is detected on the screen and the widget lightes up, but no sound comes out from the USB or SD card. Any ideas?
  20. Wanted USB IPOD 09 Type R

    Good afternoon Fairly new to this so please help My boyfriend has a 2009 White Type R he bought it from a non honda dealer and unfortunatly it didnt come with the USB cable for the ipod, i have just got a new car and mine came with it and after seeing mine go through the stereo properly he...