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  1. Nighthawk black civic. Lost it's...glam

    Hi all. Got an 08 nighthawk black civic type S, and it's looking a little worse for wear compared to when I bought it a year ago, and is just in need of a little TLC. I have been browsing over the cleaning forum for quite a while and in short I don't even know where to start product wise as...
  2. First Proper Attempt - Bonnet Detail

    Hi guys, Had my first proper chance to use all the products I've been collecting over the past few months. Decided on only doing the bonnet today as I really wouldn't have had time to do the whole thing (losing light and temperature and all that :rolleyes:) Process: 1. Pressure-wash down the...
  3. Detailing - How do you convince people?

    Hi guys, Question for the lads that are right into detailing and actually charge for their services. How do you convince people to spend £100+ on cleaning their car? I only ask as one of my mates popped round last night and I was telling him I was going to start offering my services but it's...
  4. Fifth Gear Car wash test

    A good test that fifth gear did to show you what damage car washes etc do to your car. Seeing as our paint work isn't the best,and why you should best avoid the dreaded squeegee thing well. I think there is nothing more satisfying than cleaning your own car as well.:D
  5. Nighthawk help !

    Hi - Nobody told me a black car would be so HARD to clean. I'm not obsesive just want a decent result - any advice what to use ? :D