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wing mirrors
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  1. Bugs, faults and irritations (8G)
    Does anyone know or have visuals for how to dismantle and repair the wing mirror mechanism? When the passenger side mirror resets and comes to a stop it goes far beyond the point where the mirror is usable. I think it simply needs realigning. Diagrams and advise would be amazing.
  2. Electronics (8G)
    My passenger side wing mirror just opens out completely and does not stop in the correct position. Is this a SOD fault or is there an easy fix? At the moment I have to physically grab it and attempt to stop it in the right position which is tricky as it's the passenger side! Honda have told me...
  3. General Discussion (8G)
    Hi Lads, new to the forum and first post so be gentle please ! I'm having a problem whereby the wing mirrors are not retracting at all when the button on the driver's door console is pressed nothing happen no response . I checked with some one and he said button might be disconnect from the...
  4. Electronics (8G)
    Hi All I have some questions about my Civic, I was wondering if anyone could help me with? 1. Is there a way of seeing the road speed limit (like tom tom)? 2. If not what is the best add-on for achieving this, ideally would like to see the gps speed I'm driving at and the road speed...
1-4 of 4 Results