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  1. Fn2 paint

    Styling (8G)
    Need some advice in regards to my fn2 in red. common problem the paint job on this car is rubbish. Would it make sense to do a touch my or a total respray? Also is wrapping a car is it worth?
  2. Wrapping services around Reading/ Berkshire areas?

    Styling (8G)
    This is a bit of a longshot- but I'm wondering if anybody know's of any vinyl wrapping companies in/ around/ near the Reading or Berkshire areas? I want to get the rear spoiler on my car wrapped (professionally) but a quick google search is proving to be unhelpful! If anybody could point me...
  3. Vinyl wrapping pondering ideas?

    Styling (8G)
    So after wrapping several parts of my car today. I'm thinking of doing the exterior wheel trim. Would anyone advise how long the exterior wrap will last? I'm not looking at brushing the dirt off it every day :'D
  4. Wrapping

    Styling (8G)
    Contemplating whether to wrap my type s .. Anyone on here wrapped theirs? Trying to think of a subtle colour, not too lairy but something which is also effective and a head turner. Pics if possible Cheers:D
  5. Good body shops in east yorkshire

    Styling (8G)
    Does anyone know any good body shops in east Yorkshire (the closest to hull the better) im looking to get my type r spoiler wrapped ( don't fancy attempting it myself ) and also thinking about plasti dipping my car.
  6. Timelapse. Wrapping my FN2 Type R

    Hey people i thought i would share this with you guys. This weekend myself and some friends wrapped my red Civic to white. I always wanted it white but also the wrap i have put on the car is the better one which helps stone chips etc as you all know Honda isn't the best when it comes to lack on...
  7. I have caught the carbon wrap bug that's been circulating!

    Styling (8G)
    After seeing my boyfriend's carbon wrapped bonnet I was dead set on getting it done. The problem was, once I had that done I wanted MORE! So then came the speaker rings and the pillars...thank you to Tom8126 obviously(!) for all the help :p x Maybe I'll attempt the mirrors again, but they are so...