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Hey guys!

Being new to the forums, first let me say HI to everbody! :)
Very nice job putting this Civic community together.

My issue is what the title sais, but i will desribe it:

If you start, change into 1st gear and slowly release the clutch and apply only gentle power then its all fine.

But if you apply sudden power (or even if you suddenly have to change back to 2nd gear to use the eingine's breaking power) then the car makes a craking noise from the front, just sudden crank, so not continuously.

You can hear it from the outside too.

Dunno what it could be...

Clutch? Something from the front suspension?
The car only does it when there is a sudden power change on the throttle (or a serious backshifting, for slowing down e.g.).

Any ideas?

FYI: the clutch master cylinder had the usual 8th/9th gen issue, with the squeaking noise, it has been repalced already, a few months ago, and it works fine.

But this is something new, dunno why it is present...:(

Thx in advance

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