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Hi guys
Mine first Honda ever 63reg, 1.6 diesel Civic is approaching 120k miles on the clock. I bought it 2.5 years ago with 72.5 miles on the clock, and haven't had any issues yet. Not a single one.
I love the car - the most economical and reliable car I've ever had. Everything is still original, even the clutch - got it with full service history
I am servicing it every 8.5k miles - just love doing it myself to be on the safe side...
Those with higher mileage here.... should I expect something to go wrong in the near future?
Are 120k considered high milage for these Civics, or they can run more trouble free miles.
Who is with the highest miles 9 gen diesel here - share some experience please.
Years ago I had a 56 reg Skoda Octavia which was great until it hit 120k miles - that was scary ££££
Issue £ after issue £
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