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Evening All,

Over the last few days, there has been a distinct smell of diesel through the air vents, when idling in traffic. The smell only appears after the car has warmed up, the smell doesn't appear to be present when the engine is cold. The smell has got progressively worse, to the point you notice it as soon as you step outside the, once the engine has stopped.

I put the car into my local independent garage today and whilst they can see there is definitely a very slight diesel leak, they can't confirm the source. There is evidence of diesel around the EGR valve, but no other obvious signs of leakage from the exhaust manifold, fuel pipes or injectors.

They've given me the car back with the recommendation of taking it to the nearest Honda dealer, who is about 30 miles away, which I'll be sorting out tomorrow.

Although I'm aware of issues with fumes/manifolds on the 2.2 8th Gen diesel, I was wondering if anyone else has had a similar issue with a 9th Gen Civic? Mine is a 2014 1.6 i-dtec with 57,000 miles on the clock, with a full service history.

I did speak with Honda UK who were non-committal, apart from telling me to get the car inspected by an authorised Honda service agent.
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