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Well, I collected the new beastie in Crystal Black and it looks great. I need to see it against one in NHB to see the difference, although in sunlight it looks as though someone has sprinkled a tube of glitter over it. Colours of the rainbow etc...

First impressions are very good indeed. I read the list of problems on this site before ordering, and was a bit worried, but need not have been, as:

1. Rattles.
Very few. A strangled canary under the dash but only at very low revs. Also the passenger seat back seems to vibrate when no-one is in it but again only at low revs

After two weeks I have one stone chip on the bonnet. If it continues at this rate I'll be worried, but the paint finish is really good, although I suspect it might be a bit fragile.

3. Suspension
No problem at all. It handles like a go-kart but the damping is easily good enough for everyday use.

4.Engine Noise
I like it. You can hear it at motorway speeds but it's not unpleasant. When taking the revs a bit higher it's good. Sounds like an increasingly angry terrier.

5. Rear Vision

Ok, it's crap but the wing mirrors are good. As we have a motorhome as well which has nil vision except via wing mirrors, it's not a problem. Pleased I had the reversing sensors fitted. They're not the Honda ones. Lookers at Nottingham fitted them for just over £200 (Vebo- colour coded) and they work fine.

The positives easily outnumber the above. I really like-

Dashboard layout and controls
Boot size-big enough for dog and diving gear (but not at the same time)
Handling- very chuckable with only a bit of press-on understeer in the wet.
Glass roof- makes the interior a nice place to be.
Performance- It's loosening up a bit now and will be very peppy ,I think. At low revs it has the torque of a food blender, but over 3000 you can hear it sniffing the air and beginning to run. I'm only just over 500 miles yet so not really pushing it.
Build quality. For the money, and comparing it to competitors, it's excellent. It really looks as though people have thought about it.

So, at the moment very happy. Just one final point. Does the fuel filler cap have to look like a piece of squashed tinfoil? It really looks poor quality compared to the rest of the car.



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i like the fuel filler :S.....
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