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1.8 Type S Intake Upgrade

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Hey all,

I've been looking around the forums for this but figured I'd post myself as all the posts I find are pretty old (It's an old car so expected!)

Pretty subjective question but is a new intake "worth it" on a Type S R18A2? I'm not expecting to add 100bhp or it to sound like a brand new CTR or anything like that, just to get a bit of a better noise out of it and make it feel a bit sportier.

I know there's a couple of options out there, namely the K&N Typhoon kit (69-1013TS) which while it's made for the US model, it can be made to fit in the EU model with a few "creative" tweaks. The other one being an Injen/AEM cold air intake. Bother options are quite spendy from what I've seen (£200+ the time it takes to install)

But, has anyone got experience with this, recommendations, whatever really!
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One member bought another lower part of the airbox and drilled a load of holes in it.
Keeps the air filter protecting the engine but apparently makes more intake noise.

With the untouched original to put back if you don't like it this is a cheap option.

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I have drilled my airbox yes...

No loss of fuel economy since I installed it way over a year ago and I've got a spare intact airbox to drop in if I feel like it.

The noise does get a bit grating after awhile however if you are concerned then drill less holes and add more if you want more noise!
I have a K&N 57i intake on mine. A decent bit cheaper than the typhoon and did increase responsiveness in my case but there is a very occasional hesitation around 1800 rpm now.
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