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Hi :grin2:

So this is a bit of a niche issue I have discovered with my current 8th gen Civic and, thinking back, my first 8th and my 9th!

It appears that when I run the engine for just a minute or two (moving it out of a space to allow someone access) and then it rains heavily or the outside temperature drops considerably the engine is very slow to turn over and start when I next come to start the car.

My though is it doesn't feel battery related in the way the engine turns over it feels more as though when the car doesn't have time to warm up properly and then the temp drops unburnt fuel in the cylinders and/or condensed moisture sits on the spark plugs causing a rough start.

Has anyone any experience of this or can anyone shed any more light on it. The 9th gen was way worse for it than the 8th's I've had.

Cheers B-B :wink3:
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