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Having just renewed my insurance there are some things that I feel I should share.
My Civic was bought to replace my Fiat Bravo M-Jet Sport, this had been flatened while parked in my council rented garage during the storm of Christmas Eve morning 2013. A claim was made on my insurance, Sainsburys Bank underwritten by eSure. I had to fight to get what I thought was a low pay out for the car, and as I had legal protection I assumed that I would receive my uninsured losses as no way was this my fault. Wrong!:mad: As the claim was still live when renewal was due in March, the policy was renewed (now with the Honda) as new insurers were reluctant to insure with the claim still open. In September last year Sainsburys gave up the case as the council would not accept liabilty. I was reimbursed with the loading premiums that had gone on during renewal.
Now this year, up went the premium to £560 this before I told them about the SP30 picked up in August (lovely car the Civic and quick) I then phoned Chris Knott and got quoted £520 for a polcy with the same excess etc and including the SP30. I then went hunting on the web, finally ending with a quote from Aviva for £342, although I had to settle for excess of £350 and not original £250. I phoned Chris Knott back to say that I would be going with Aviva, but they asked if they could requote to the higher excess. This resulted in a final quote of £325, quite a saving on my original renewal figure. A little bit of time resulting in a saving of £235. Lesson learned for another time.
Many thanks to Kathy and Rebecca of Chris Knott Insurance, nice to have been made to feel that my custom was wanted and to have a fast efficent service and a pleasure to deal with all round.
I hope other forum members give this broker a try when thier renewal is due.
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