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hi guys i have had the car for a week now and she is going in to dealer for air-con issue on friday hopefully it needs only re-gassing.

i can hear a bit of a noise from my rear right shocks.
when i go over the speed bumbs right rear side makes a funny noise knocking noise
i searched in internet 8th gen civic had common fault with the rear shocks.
what is it this fault
do u know what do i need to do to spot the problem
i dont want them to tell me there is no problem with the car when there is something wrong with it.(dealer to save money and time i dont trust them)

also clutch pedal is making squiky noise sometimes i know these cars had clutch issue as well like slippin in 3 or 4th gear in full trothle mine looks fine so far .

also just when i engage the first gear trying to move off it feels like (just before clutch grips and u move ** feet iff the pedal) little vibration can this be a problem i had same issue in my old golf when we replaced the cluth mechanic told me it was a very cheap cluthc after replacing it was sorted
i have one year warranty anyway but still i dont want the hassle with the dealer also i want to take action quick so they can not tell em it is wear and tear

thanks for reading and sharing ** opinion.
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