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Seems to be quite a few members who have had new clutches fitted recently, with update posts dotted all over.

Thought that it might be an idea to have a single thread for updates during the bedding in process.

So, whether it's an OEM 325, 666 or twin plate, or any other for that matter, please feel free to share your experience...


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Atom 666

666 fitted by TDi on 28FEB15.
Miles since fitting - Approximately 150 miles.

Weight - quite heavy - 30-40% up on standard - SEEMS to be getting a little lighter - could be my leg's getting stronger. Might be an idea to measure leg muscle circumference!!
Bite point - adjusted by TDi - was too low left as was - combined 666 / plate / plate thinner than standard DMF / Clutch. Now as standard, perhaps 1/3 up from floor.
Old friction plate - plenty of meat left - part worn only.
DMF removed - stuffed - loads of easy movement.
Gearchange now - easier - could also be effect of new oil and clutch fluid contributing.
Actual Bite - actually better - smooth.
Drive - above 1500 rpm smoother. Below 1500 a bit more care required.
Around town - generally one gear lower than before - WAS 4th, NOW 3rd.
Other - sounds 'harder', but possibly quieter - if that makes sense.
Slip - move over Mary Poppins' yodelling, ALL GONE - SORTED.
Traffic Lights GP - Banned!! OK, might try it in a few weeks ... !!

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