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My 2009 MK8 1.8 ivtec will hit the 200.000 km / 125.000 mile mark soon.

I have replaced a lot of things during the last 20.000 km.

  • Front shocks - Rough ride
  • Front ball joints - Started to hear a knocking sound when turning the steering wheel
  • Alternator - OEM was gone. Speedometer dashboard flickering and weak instrument cluster lights (also did the original V-Belt since I was there)
  • Thermostat - Engine was never at normal temperature (overcooling)

Will have to replace the original clutch soon. I suspect the engine mounts are starting to give up the ghost too (18’’ wheels on rough roads). Hopefully after that the car will run strong for the next 100.000 km.

What issues had you guys with your cars after this kind of mileage?
121 - 122 of 122 Posts