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It's had one owner from new which is my Father. He doesn't smoke nor carries pets in the car.

Currently sat on 77862 miles and likely will not do anymore.

Drives and stops fine, I drove it 34 miles to from his house to mine.

MoT until June 2021.

All major features including the air conditioning work.

V5 present, original and the new style one in fact.

As you can see from the photos the car has been through a lot in it's life. Both front wings are dented with the off side being worse than the near side.

It's been used for all sorts of purposes in it's time including lugging stock for a business around at one point hence some of the stains inside the cabin.

He never kept any history for the car, so from what I know it was serviced by the main dealer for a few years then went to a local independent garage. In the car's time it has had a clutch, starter motor, numerous batteries, a front windscreen. I have done small things on it like replace the off side wing mirror, heater resistor and the digital clock. The stereo is something I put in years ago and will give it away with the car. I've no proof of any of the above unfortunately but bearing in mind the car is over 20 years old, you'd hope it would have seen new parts in it. Having driven it recently, it's in better condition that some points in it's past.

The car will need a service, probably a major service. Only evidence of the timing belt being changed is some scrawled writing on the air filter cover saying it was changed in 2009 at 57k miles. It hasn't been serviced properly in about two years, whilst that was only 3k miles ago it is still quite a long period of time.

Boot release catch no longer works and hasn't done for years. You'll need the key to open the boot.

Driver's side window is slow functioning, due to the window rubbers appearing to be wearing and snagging on the runners. Not a huge issue as the AC works unless you go to a lot of drive through fast food places.

There's a slight purr/whine from the engine, I had previously thought it was the CV joint but the sound isn't as pronounced as it was years ago so it must have been fixed or at least patched up.

Near side front tyre has a slow puncture, it is likely a bad alloy wheel rather than the tyre itself.

Whilst there are two keys, the remote central locking and alarm stopped working a long time ago and has never been looked at since. Comes with the owners manual.

Has half a tank of fuel left inside it.

No idea if there is any chassis rust however the car has lived in London it's entire life and hasn't gone far beyond it for long periods of time.

I don't believe it's ever been written off or crashed badly, the dents in the wings were via moped riders many years ago as it used to battle through the streets of Central London.

Mildly sad to see the car leave the family, it was bought before I passed my test and has been around ever since.

If some of my description is vague it is because I moved out years ago and only see the car occasionally, my Father has very little interest in cars nor keeping any paperwork for them. He's also clearly neglected the car recently although he has also barely used it as you can see from the MoT history if you type the registration into the government website.

I ask for £350.

Is on eBay also and will probably be advertised elsewhere also.
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