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Evening all.

I've owned my Civic for a couple of years now, and have often visited the site, but never actually registered or posted. I'd be very grateful if anybody could assist me in what I thought(!) would be a fairly easy job.

The exact model of Civic I have seems to have a few little quirks that most other 1.6 EP2s I've seen don't. For example, it has 4 stud hubs, no sport kit, OAP spec suspension and facelift, but non-projector headlights. This is where the problem lies.

This is the front of the car, and you can just make out the style headlights:

Unlike the pre-facelift headlights and the projectors fitted to Sports/Type Rs etc, this unit takes an HB4 bulb.

Unfortunately, I noticed my car looking a bit wang eyed a few nights ago. I went to adjust the passenger side light down a bit, but could not for the life of me work out how to. My friend, who is also a mechanic and owns a "normal" EP2 had no idea either.

Has anybody owned a Civic with these headlight units, or had experience in adjusting them?
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