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2006 type s steering problem

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has anyone had any problems with there type s steering if so wat was it and how was it fixed
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Where do you live? I know problems witch UK civics: they all have the steering wheel on the wrong side of the car!

Ontopic: define "steering problem"
( uk ) and the problem is the steering wheel moves left and right on its own when all hands are of the wheel and when i hit a bump
have you checked that the lever is locked for the level of the steering wheel - may not be as you described the problem but worth a check!
^^^^^^ +1 keep hold of the wheel.

When you say move left and right do you mean the steering wheel rotates?? if so then wheels will follow inperfections in the road, on lower profile tyres its sometimes worse.
Yes lever is tight and only took hand off the wheel to see if it moved when i hit a bump which it does and if u keep hands on the wheel if u hit a bump feels like its trying to rip it out my hand this has never done this beforr andvowned the car for nearly 1year had 4 wheel alignment check all ok tyres and prrssure fine i have read else where it can be the self leverinh system in the streering column or the rack
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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