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Hi, I've finally lost patience with my A/C after suffering it last year and no improvement this year.

I've replaced the relay last year and I've seen the guide about stripping off the magnetic clutchplate but TBH I'm too old to be ars'd to wrestle around underneath attempting to fix it.

So I'm going down the route of sourcing a used unit and getting a local garage to de-gas / fit / re-gas.

On the Lings website, my late 2007 FK3 compressor comes up as a part 38810-RSR-E03.
I've seen a few 2009 phase-ii model comps advertised on fleabay with part no. 38800-RSR-E010-M2. So the question is....is this this newer part still compatible with the older version? i.e. bolt holes / piping interfaces / electrical connections ??
I'm wondering whether the revised part no was actually because the old one was less reliable...

If I can get assurance the newer part is compatible then I'd prefer to buy that.

PS this decision to go down the replacement compressor route stems from a phonecall I had with Pheonix Close Honda garage yesterday....
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