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2009 Civic iShift Semi Auto - not starting figure of 8 on dash

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Hello chaps my 2009 Civic 1.4 semi auto has developed a problem with the auto box and is not starting up at all. There is no attempt to start when pressing push button and a figure of 8 flashes on the display when pressing the push button starter. Also when moving gear from neutral to drive there is no change in the display i.e. Just flashes 8 not A1 or R or N just 8 and orange gear cog error on speedometer. I have checked the battery in case of battery issue but thats fine. It started fine on Fri and has just gave up today. Perhaps take out fuse for the Ishift see if it needs changing? Any ideas or tips appreciated :)
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The first check is the inertia fuel cutoff under the dash.

Plenty of links here to locate it.
The first check is the inertia fuel cutoff under the dash.

Plenty of links here to locate it.
Thanks for the tip. Do you have any advice as to where it is located in a UK Civic?
Ok switch found and pressed no difference. Still stuck on 8 and no starter action
Tin foil trick used to read error codes (Thanks!)

These are the codes displayed:

PA51 DTC B124.1

Have cleared codes and B2991 is not going away
Codes were for AC unit and blower and its working now and codes disappeared but car still not starting nor selecting gears or N just flashing 8
Does anyone know how to manually move the horizontal gear linkage to the middle??
Codes have been checked and 6 codes showing for iShift module:

Permanent DTCs:

U1405 F-Can Malfunction
(TCM received invalid data from ABS/VSA Modulator Control Unit)

P19FF - Clutch Friction Coefficient Learning Value out of Range

P0562 - TCM Power Source Circuit (B+) Low Voltage

P0810 - Clutch Operation Problem

U1404 - F-CAN Malfunction (TCM received Out of Range data from ABS/VSA Modulator Control Unit)

Temporary DTC:
P0810 - Clutch Operation Problem
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Also SRS code is showing as fault and flashing orange SRS warning on speedometer display yet car has never been in accident or had airbag replaced
Sounds like your actuator may need repairing at least if not a new clutch.Can you do i-shift static and dynamic learning on the maxi pro? May get you going for a bit
Sounds like your actuator may need repairing at least if not a new clutch.Can you do i-shift static and dynamic learning on the maxi pro? May get you going for a bit
Hey thanks man...do you have any link to follow the instructions to do the static/dynamic learning please as my mechanic just has the generic setup and is not experienced in the Honda HDS setup on the Maxi Pro. Thanks in advance
I have found this site that details the learning process ( TF09E60E34137300000MBAT00 )

Can anyone divulge as to which learning process I need to undertake i.e. static or dynamic to get the car moving again? Thanks
Update: Tried Static Learning using the Autel Maxi Pro but unsuccessful...kept on going through same cycle and saying Incomplete against each Learning Process so I gave up. The car did start though briefly but now back to non starter mode.
Update: This Kemosabe is very temperamental...have coaxed him to start but will only do so when weather is warm and late afternoon...leave for another 2 hours or so and goes into 1st gear...then back to cog error again...seems like definitely needs the learning process doing
Another thing ive noticed when its not selecting gears on the display however when selecting reverse there is a very faint beeping noise coming from somewhere which goes off when put into neutral...it was doing only on reverse gear selection however since today it is making the beeping noise when shifting gear stick to D and no longer making any beeping sound when selecting reverse. Very strange
Update: Clutch actuator been repaired courtesy of Terry at Hounslow Motors, 167 Hanworth Road, Hounslow London mobile +44 7402 536382 at cost of £140 on site or £165 if posted to him. I went on site and was repaired within 1 hour.

Refitted clutch actuator and P0810 error code has disappeared so assuming clutch actuator is all fixed now. The mechanic then bled the oil pipe next to the radiator manually and there was a bleed point just in front of the pipe on engine block which he unscrewed as well.

Next attempted static learning process using the Autel Tool and was successful i.e. could hear the gears moving into 1, 2, 3 etc then started car up.

However when started the gear remains in N and will not select any gear.

Read error codes and only one is P19FC. Erased code and tried Statis Learning again but again same error.

Is there anything we have missed?

Thanks in advance
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Fixed!!! So the issue was the Static Learning was not done correctly. When the HDS gets to the Start Engine mode start engine and keep brake pressed. Then allow car engine coolant temperature to reach 70* and will then go into the learning mode i.e move gear from N to Drive within 5 seconds x 3 times. Upon completion or learning it will say Ready to Drive!

So if anyone has same issue or similar codes remember:

1) Get Actuator removed or do it yourself if comfortable with tools
2) Get Actuator Fixed from nearest technician to you: South its Terrys in Hounslow and Midlands/North is San Cars in Leicester
3) Refit the Actuator & Bleed the Clutch using the Bleed Nipple near the radiator or use a self bleeding kit (£9)
4) Undertake Learning Process only if not been done by the technician otherwise permanent P19FC code may remain and you will need to take actuator back to the technician.
5) If all good then do Static Learning Process to relearn the gears.
6) Enjoy your Civic :)

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