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The SAT Nav in my Tourer is a Garmin unit. Honestly it has to be by far the worst SAT Nav I have experienced.

My question.
Has anyone been abled to change the unit for something more friendly and accurate.
The OS is basd on an Android system. Has anyone been able to "Jailbreak" the system. I'd love to be able to get Waze on the head unit, else I will have to use my phone.


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I've got waze on mine. It wasn't an overly difficult process.
(And I know what you mean with Garmin; I've had issues with it giving awful short cuts)

An abridged walk through:

1. If your head unit has been updated, use the settings to restore to factory defaults.
2. Navigate to CMDroid.com on the car's browser. (There is a menu at the bottom to translate the page to English)
(You can either follow their how to (Google translate the PDF's))

3. Download your chosen App (They recommend the older version of waze for stability); It can now be installed by opening it under the downloads menu - Only one at a time though; to install multiple, the previous download must be deleted.

Install waze & "Permissions" (Top left)

4. Set permissions for Waze. - You can interpret this PDF into the UI http://www.cmdroid.com/documentacao/Par%E2metros/Parametros.pdf
Use box 1, with the process & package name com.waze

You can get a list of the process names for other apps here too CMDroid

That's something of an abridged version of what I worked out myself in an afternoon, so that should do it for you.

You will have to connect your car's head unit to your mobile hotspot whilst driving, just as a heads up, unless you use one of the other apps, like sygic which offers off line navigation (More involved install though!)

If you need any assistance, let me know :)
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