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Hi all,

Put my civic in for its 3rd service last week, pleased I purchased 5 years up front as the invoice was over £400!

Anyway, they gave me a new 1.0 turbo civic as a loan car, it was the base model "S" in white.

Personally I love the front of the new car back to the middle of the rear doors, but hate the rear shape of the rear windows, and the whole rear end, the 2 mesh panels just look wrong and the overall shape makes it look less "planted" from the rear than mine. Admittedly the Sport helps this a bit. The wheels looked OK for 16's and they didn't look as small as I thought they would. Colour suited it well.

Interior space is good, feels very similar in size to my old 2008 Accord, both inside and out. I didn't notice the lower seat as much as I expected to looking at video reviews, but it was comfortable and vision was fine.

Quality of the seats was disappointing, felt quite cheap in terms of the fabric and didn't seem as supportive, comfortable though.

Armrest was covered in a rather rough fabric, get the impression with short sleeves, it would be irritating and would wear badly.

Audio and cruise button pads on the steering wheel felt very flimsy and cheap, as an industrial designer, I would compare them to how an early prototype should feel, not the finished thing.

Moulded steering wheel was a bit cheap and rough to touch, I expect the higher spec's leather would be fine though.

Ergonomics were very good, clutch was incredibly light (really noticed the difference when I got back in mine) Getting my 2 year old into the rear was easy, loads of space. Boot was a really decent size and the pull over cover, brilliant. Would personally miss the magic seats but understand why they have been lost. Loads of headroom.

Really like the brake-hold and the e-brake worked well. Infotainment looks quite cheap in the base model, I think the upper models get a better one though. Loved the speed limit indication though, every car should have this.

Handling was lighter and livelier than mine, comfort was much improved and it rode the rough roads alot better. Personally although the handling was more advanced I felt I couldn't trust it as much, it felt a bit floppier/floaty on faster bends, but I'm sure in time and getting used to it, it wouldn't be a problem, but mine just feel more solid. It felt similar to my wife's 2008 Citroen C4 when I picked it up and the rear tire pressures were too low. Also felt much wider than mine, again, similar to the Accord.

Engine was a revelation!!! it DOES NOT feel like a 1.0. The turbo spools up lower than mine, eliminating that really annoying lack of any power at low revs, and then once on boost, it pulls like a diesel, very impressive indeed! It also sounds quite nice. Don't get me wrong, it's no hot hatch (I've owned a few) but its plenty quick enough in the real world. I bet the 1.5T would feel pretty nice. Only 2 downsides are the rev limiter in 1st is very easily hit and and when you do, all power is lost and your lurch forward the MPG since new was only 35 MPG, not great, but I guess it's not had an easy life being a loan car.

In summary, there isn't enough to tempt me to swap just yet but it's a lovely car on the whole. It's a shame they don't do the 1.5T Sport Plus with a leather interior, then it would be tempting. Or in an ideal world a visually toned down Type R for people over 30. http://www.civinfo.com/forum/images/Civinfo_2016/smilies/tango_face_smile.png
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Haven't driven one yet, but the thing that I notice most in the new civic, and in almost any other car is the design of the drivers seat:- In the 9G Civic, It is more of a drivers area; The way the panels curve up and around leave me feeling secure in place; Even without the obscene bolsters of the FK2, There is plenty of car to push against when overdoing a roundabout :laugh:

This seems to have gone with the 10G, with the shifter position on the flat, and the general design resembling more of a "square" VAG layout; More like sitting in the open rather than in the cockpit.

Personally, I would have thought that the lower position and wider footing would have the 10G as more of a motorway mile muncher than the 9G, with firm / reassuring handling at high speeds, though as you say, I think it may just be a matter of adjusting to a different car.

Regarding the interior fabrics and centre armrest, I'd say it is the same on the 9G - I would very much like to replace my armrest with leather / suede, at the moment it is an elbow sander.

Again from my last sit in a 10G, I agree with the comments on ICE:- It seems like Honda is lagging behind others on this front with the connect unit; The only feature that makes me want an Audi is the digital dash with mapping etc - If only they had this on a Honda!
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