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Loving my new blue Civic, which is now just over 8 weeks in my possession, but I must say, it's disappointing how many niggles it has. I'd expected better from Honda. I'm glad I paid for the five year extended warranty and service plan.

- air con whistle. This does my nut. I see a few others are dealing with this too. No other car I've had, including a previous 8th gen i-CTDi and 7th gen 1.6 VTEC has had this problem.

- once, the alarm went off randomly and wouldn't stop. In the end I had to disconnect the battery. When you do this, the alarm continues (it apparently has its own battery backup). When the battery is reconnected again it seems to reset it. If you find yourself in this situation, you'll get a lot of alerts the first time you start the car on the dash. These will clear after the car has been driven a short distance (in my case, only a few metres).

- Yesterday, on starting the car the dash bleeped incessantly about the collision detection and ACC being disabled. I restarted the car and the alarms cleared. This doesn't inspire confidence.

- (edits) a few days after I got it, the car popped up with a tyre deflation warning, very scary. Stopped car, checked tyres, all fine (although one was actually in an overinflated state!).

- I don't appear to have a jack for changing the wheel - is this normal ? Just the tyre repair gunk and a pump.

- most worryingly of all, there seems to be a buildup of moisture underneath the polystyrene block in what would be the spare wheel well in the rear. Not puddles, just beads of collected condensation.

Has anyone else seen the issue with the condensation ? In general, are Honda anywhere close to acknowledging these problems and/or has anyone had joy getting their dealership to solve ?

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I don't appear to have a jack for changing the wheel - is this normal ? Just the tyre repair gunk and a pump.
Unfortunately this is true. The tools required to change a wheel are supplied with the optional accessory space saver wheel.
Its a poor show by Honda IMO, because my understanding of the best way to use tyre sealant is to first jack the wheel up before inserting it then slowly rotate the wheel to make sure the sealant finds the hole, then put air in the tyre before lowering it down again.
You cannot do this if you do not have a jack. :frown2:

Thankfully I already own a trolley jack and torque wrench, but I still had to buy the correct size socket to fit my wheel nuts.
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