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Ok, not sure I actually mentioned or reviewed my car when I got it so heres a quick filler:

About a year ago my girlfriend decided new car time. We looked around at all sorts but she fell in love with the space ship. I was already fondy of it so she got no rebutals from me. We bought from Grantham Honda and they found us a very tidy 06 reg, Cosmic Grey ES with the 1.8 petrol for less than £10k. The car was in very good condition and had only 19k on the clock! She traded in her Y reg 1.2 corsa and we paid cash for the remainder.

First off Grantham were very good and when we went back for the end of warranty check up they did a good job. We got a electric wing mirror replaced under warranty and free MOT to go along with the standard service which was reasonably priced might I add. Though we did have to pay £100 to replace a squeaky front suspension bush (despite this being there from the get go) and they simply said that noisy rear suspension is a standard feature :facepalm:

On to the car:

When we picked it up, it was pretty much immaculate. There was the odd thing like the previous owner using a pretty harsh cloth to clean the visor over the speedo, leaving some pretty unsightly scratches, but you cant see them from the driving seat.

Basically the cars been fine. It drives very well and I find that the odd tank of 98 or 99 RON keeps it feeling spritely. Sometimes a tank of 95 will not go down too well and the car will feel sluggish when trying to pick up from low speed. It handles very well too.

As for the spec, the ES really is a nice compromise between the SE and EX. I miss the HID's but the rest of the EX kit doesnt interest me. 17 inch wheels on the EX serve only to make a harsh, stiff ride, harder still and the sat nav is a bit rubbish. But to get the fogs, electric wing mirrors and glass roof is nice, along with the auto lights and wipers (which I find actually work as you expect!!!). I still maintain that even though the 16 inch rims looks like little caster wheels (especially under the rear arches) they offer the best ride comfort.

Fuel consumption seems to vary wildly, but then some months we do nothing more than town driving and others we might have some long trips. As a guide, I tend to swing between driving very efficiently and ragging the nuts off it. Lowest MPG I have from just town driving was about 28 and highest when cruising home to Middlesbrough of nearly 40 and for completeness I got around 35-36mpg when going to Wales (with a full car.. 4 people and lots of kit).

So certainly for a NA petrol engine, its really not bad. It'll drink fuel like nobodies business if you are silly, but it's very respectable when you try. Though having said that, my mate gets 38 out of his Golf GTI and thats got 60 more hp and 70 more torques.

So after a year, things I still like:

* The looks, you just cant argue with them. It still looks fresh, it still looks fantastic and they arent ten a penny like ford focii.
* The interior, is comfy and again, it looks like nothing else
* The free spinning nature of the engine
* The Handling when pushing on
* The running costs... Tax is £160, it'll do 35-40mpg driven properly and I have had to replace one part at cost to me and the tyre wear is just brilliant. The tyres were not new on when we got the car, we've done over 10k miles on them and theres still a ways to go until we reach the wear bar.
*Magic rear seats and hidden boot compartment. These have been a boon for load lugging and creatively packing 4 people plus a lot of kit into the car.


* Soft paint seems to scratch and chip easily... plenty of car park door dings from careless ***** in tesco and lots of fine scratches just from washing.
* The suspension, especially the rear, is just too uncouth. Its loud over anything but glass smooth road. Road noise can get quite bad. It crashes into pot holes and again the rear suspension just sounds very low rent over bumps, knocking and banging about.
* The ride, over rough roads can get very tiring.
* The engine. It sounds great when your giving it the beans, but its too prominent when you just want to relax. It sounds quite harsh... compared to say a golf, where the engine is whisper quiet or even a new ford fiesta where even at 4000rpm the engine is smooth and quiet and vibration free.
* The wing mirror mounted indicators..... Seriously, if you ever get chance just look at these things during the day, you cannot see them for toffee. 3 Piddly little LED's are simply not sufficient to make them noticable over and above a decent sunny day.

and finaly, and its a big finally, the interior quality:

I love the design, but I guess all that designing and then figuring how to actually make it, left about 50p in the budget to buy materials and actually, you know, manufacture it. Over the year, new rattles have begun to appear almost weekly. Theres a really annoying one where the drivers airbag cover vibrates against the steering wheel structure. Another where the drivers seat creaks very loudly under any kind of acceleration and various other rattles emanating from the dash board housing and the seat belt things in the Pillars. The plastic around the gear stick creaks and groans round corners and the whole center console has come loose and exposed itself to be very flimsy indeed, flexing easily under any kind of force. The drivers side door arm rest is also sagging from me resting my arm on it (and im not a fatty, im a mere 77kg at 6ft 3).

There is also a very wierd sounding squeal which I think is coming from where the two soft plastics that make up the rev counter housing over lap. You know where the see through window and black wrap around plastic meet? the two panels are rubbing together, excitied by standard vibration from the road. Its terribly annoying and only curable by pressing them together and holding them.

Its a combination really of the cheap materials and the fact that the dash had to be made from so many component parts. Add into the mix solid suspension and basically you've got a set up that allows the car to shake itself apart over time.

In short, I love the look of the car and love how it drives when you want to press on. But I wouldnt buy another one simply based on the interior refinement and quality. Theres too much road noise, theres too much engine noise at times, the suspension is loud and unsophisticated sounding and the interior is litterally coming apart at the seams while you drive.

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Hi Otis

Just read your review and agree with almost all you have written. I too have had my civic for just over a year now. It's a 57 plate 1.8S 5door in NHB. My previous car was a 54 plate Laguna 2 which had all the bells and whistles...When I was looking for a newer car I was looking for something a little bit different, hence the civic was chosen.
I must admit ,I didn't do much research into the Civic assuming that because it was a Honda that it would be bullit proof and ultra reliable etc etc, and so far it has proved pretty much to be. Apart from 3 squeaks/ rattles all of which I know how to cure, I've not had any major issues apart from a loose bumpstop which was replaced under warranty.

I too am disappointed in the ride comfort. I find that I drive much slower, especially on rough road surfaces so as not too loosen the filllings in my mouth !!!. Even the missus has noticed " how bad the roads are these days" !

As I mentioned previously I had a Laguna which was very roomy....I was, therefore, surprised at how little difference there is in the interior/boot space between the two..The only complaint from my daughter who sits in the back is that she cannot put her feet under the seats...other than that especially with the Magic Seats interior space between the two is marginal.
Whilst i'm on the subject of road noise, I have never before had a car whereby tyre wear signifcantly impacts on road noise so much...When I took it back the dealers for them to check I was sceptical when they said road noise is caused by tyres having low tread ,even though they were not worn down to the wear indicator! However when I replaced the fronts the noise did lessen significantly. I have still have a droning noise from the rear but again the dealer advised this was because of uneven tyre wear. I haven't yet replaced the rears as they still have loads of tread even though they are the original Michelins which a have done 29k..I'll just put up with the droning for now,which by the way seems to decrease the faster I go...

The major factor for me is its looks..its so different to anything else in that price bracket and I take great pride in cleaning it and looking back to admire..a bit vain I know !!!!

Would I buy another..probably not its the harsh ride that spoils it for me, but I will be keeping it for the forseeable future..


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Loose bumpstop was what I had to pay for to get replaced. Under the 2nd hand warranty terms that was classed as a wear and tear item. £100!!!

I dont know if its the tyres (michelin are good) or the car, but I havent had a car that seems this kind to its tyres!!! suits me just fine!

Tyre wear could contribute to noise, I mean more rubber on your wheel = more material to damp vibration with, but I wouldnt of thought it was enough to detect with your own hearing.

The glass roof is a pretty neat feature, especially for rear passengers as it feels quite "hemmed" in back there with the low roof, small windows and thick C-pillars. The roof at least lets a lot of light into the back.

Cant agree more with the looks, but recently new cars coming out are looking very good, especially the new Citroen DS range, so I dont know how much longer this styling will hold up. Thankfully I think ford have just ruined the Focus. If you have a ford dealer go and have a look, its awful. Weird guppy fish front, odd seeming bonnet slope/A-pillar angle and panel lines/gaps everywhere.

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Spot on.

1.8 NHB 58 plate.

Agree fully with all your comments.

Love the look inside and out. But, looking forward to getting rid of as soon as i'm able. (£££)


Paint. This is beyond a joke and will be going into the dealers this week and requesting a formal complaint lodged to Honda re front end paint/chips.
laquer is starting to come off by the perspex ?

I purchased this from a main dealer in Herts as a 6 month old car with 1,800 miles on the clock. Was told the previous owner's wife couldn't get on with the gears as was use to automatic, which i believed. Now not so sure and concerned if may have been front end damaged as the paint is really so poor. Any way of finding out?
My bonnet is becoming whiter by the week and only 20k on the clock. My Focus had 180K and less than 5% of chips.

Squeeks. There is a noise in the car that we can not pinpoint. To me it sounds as coming from the front dash/radio area. Kids and wife think the rear light, roof linning. Kids moan if we have to travel a long journey now.

Handling. Poor, not just the noise, but feels to me like a 10 yr+ car. (Please can i have my Focus back.)

Brakes. HmHm.

So far under warranty have had the clutch pedal squeak fixed. Took 4 attempts as they kept greasing and hoping problem would go away. It did for a day.

Passenger door. Needed to be Charles Atlas to open. (apparently they are designed that way. Lol) Fixed after much discussion to put it mildly and me demostrating that their display models all opened fine.

In fixing the above the climate control was unable to be controlled via the door buttons. They told me excessive use, but i knew they had not reconnected the wiring.

Now i'm taking back in this Fri for... Paint (above), Whirring sound from steering when left turn, Interior noise (above) and drivers side window rubber becoming entagled in the window if you open the window on any day it's not raining. Doesn't do it when it rains, but don't really want the windows open then.

>>>>I must admit ,I didn't do much research into the Civic assuming that because it was a Honda that it would be bullit proof and ultra reliable etc etc, <<<<

Snap. Rush purchase and was swayed by looks. Bit like my first wife and she turned out to be a no gooder either.

>>>when we went back for the end of warranty check up <<<

What is this ? My car will be 3 yrs old in November, so will i get a pre check before warranty expires?

Some great clever designs on the car. eg Rear seats and some P*$s poor ones.
eg Coolant level check.

Swindon Honda, 6/10. Could do so much better.

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Excessive use of the temperature buttons on the door? lol BS, electrical wiring doesnt wear out that quick.

Ahhh yes the brakes, I have on occasion found them to be a bit weak... they seem to fade quickly if you are giving it some then need to stop in a hurry. (as I did on the way to rockingham last week). Also Like you I have been spoilt by a ford focus in the past. They are one of the only makers who seem to be able to make a car that handles very well, yet still has a supple enough chassis to smooth over bad bumps. We even test drove an 08 focus 1.8 TDCI before going for the Civic and while we both decided the interior was a bit dreary, we both said that the car drives perfectly no matter what you do with it. The Civic does taught handling alright, but its crap at the comfort stuff.

And the doors, ours are fine to open, but..... I am a bit confused that our doors have no "pop". In a lot of other cars, when you get out of any of the doors, you pull the handle and door pops away a little from the aperture in which it sits. On the Civic, you pull the handle and nothing happens. This is especially apparent on the rear doors and I have had many passengers back there who think I've put the child locks on and locked them in. Always have to tell them to push the door and it will open.

Unlike you guys I did a lot of research into the civic and wanted one anyway, but Im finding more faults than I bargained for. I normally get very attached to my cars. Me and my girlfriend tend to name them. But the Civic, well she's named it, but I havent really gotten attached to it and if I sold it tomorrow I wouldnt miss it like i missed my Skoda Superb when I sold that.
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