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Saturday came and with Robert finishing his engine bay and interior we decided to give mine a detail!

Af Citrus all around as it was sat all week and covered in crap!
2BM with AG Shampoo
1 Coat of SRP
1Coat of AGHD
Interior and engine with APC diluted 1:8
Trim with AF Revive
Tyres AF tyre shine (2layers)

There are only the after pictures as i hadn't planned to join let alone upload but after RobertUtley wouldn't stop mentioning the forum i thought id better so here is the result of our four hour detail;






Images wont copy in from photbucket so heres some links!

Muscles From Brussels
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hes not slim you should see the photo of his love handles ;)
Jealous of my ability to stand up in aided ;)

I think the expression says the most Rob! :lol:

The expression was of me moaning about Ashley's inch layer of us wax that I was having to buff off after 100 times of saying to do it very thin
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