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40hr 'Magic' Detail on a Range Rover

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Hello all!

Trying to get 100 followers on Facebook by the end of the week! so please spread the word to your mates!!


So I just wanted to share this with you, I mentioned it briefly in another thread not so long ago. It gives you a bit of an insight into the true world of detailing, and the wide range of services that I offer :cool:

Click the link for the full review; Welcome to Facebook


I have the car back in this week for some other bits to be done - including having some "Hawke" front lights fitted, and the wheels refurbed. The wheels are off the car at the moment, but I'll get you some pictures of those when they've been finished later today.

Hope you don't mind me sharing this! I know it's not a Honda, but just goes to show you that detailing goes wayyy beyond just cleaning a car.

All the best,
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Great work magic, good to see you as a pro's sharing your knowledge with us enthusiasts [smilie=ebil-thumbu:
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Love love love love love love love finish and work amazing.

I m guess its a bit more difficult than a 500 :p

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wow what a difference that is, just shows what can be done.
Hats off to you professional detailing lads. Its amazing work and yours is great. Nice correction on that Range Rover. And I assume you are patching up that leather too??? Good luck mate. Most people dont know how to clean a car, let alone detail one correctly, including me. I'm trying to learn with a DA to correct paint work. It aint easy, even after hours of youtubing.

I'll like your facebook now.
Thanks for the new followers on the ol' Facebook, much appreciated! Still trying to get to 100 by end of play tomorrow!

Wheels have just arrived back @ lunch today, so I've got to ceramic seal those ready for re-fitting later on. I'll get some new pics up tonight/tomorrow.

And I assume you are patching up that leather too???
I have re-conollised two panels on the drivers seat (the bolsters), but the rest of the leather is fine, and just showing the usual signs of wear. The light creasing you see is normal for a car of this age, only the damaged panels have been repaired - the rest of the leather has been deep cleaned, as seen in the 50/50, and fed :cool:

Very nice Paintwork indeed
Cannot get excited about these big Land Rovers I'm afraid..
In fact I dont like many SUV's..Including the CRV..Dont see the point of them (The new Evoque looks good..But I'd never buy one though)
The dislike stems from a woman on the school run, in a Land Rover Sport..complete with lovey dovey's in the back, who ran me off the road causing me to have an Alloy refurbed!!
Woooow!!!great work my man!!:)
Just a small update for you guys with it being a friday evening..

Wheels were previously finished (very poorly) in gloss black, now freshly refurbished in satin black;

Hawke headlight conversion also carried out - now including DRL's ;)

Thanks for the kind comments btw!

Best wishes,
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looking good matt, top job
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