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Its been a long time since I made any active (or other) contribution to Civinfo. My Milano Red Civic 1,8 Sport, first ordered FEB '06, and through no fault of Honda Denmark eventually delivered OCT '06 (07 model) has now just passed 48000 kms. From the outset, my sign off on previous forum contributions for the Civic has always been "Every mile a smile" and after 30000 miles, I'm looking more like the Chreshire cat than ever. The Civic is a real little beauty, irrespective of what the likes of Clarkson and his ilk might say.

The fuel cap has been replaced (there was nothing wrong with the original but Honda Denmark more or less dictated replacement), the rear shocks were replaced after 5000 kms., the windscreen sealer has been replaced and now Honda Denmark tell me that the car will be recalled for handbrake replacement (nothing wrong with the handbrake that is in the car) - all of these at the expense of Honda.

I have paid for 20000 and 40000 km services plus replacement of a dip light bulb at 40000 km. Other expenses have been self inflicted - bettter floor mats than on delivery, scuff panels for the door sills and that's it.

Only extras installed on delivery were an 8-CD changer and Westphalia towbar (not fixed type). I'm too old for MP3 and other technical gadgetry - the CD changer works perfectly and the dismantable tow bar is sufficiently discreet not to spoil the looks of the car. Blue ambient lighting and the like are not my style either, so it is very much a standard car.

Occasionally. it still gets 6500 - 7000 rpm (if I'm reasonably sure that there are no pigs around) and both I and the Civic love it. My only wish, as I trudge down the OAP path, is that I could afford (and the wife would concede) a Type R to sweeten up the prospect of being a full time pensioner. However, I think the Civic 1,8 will probably end up being put to the whip while I try to visualize that it is faster off the mark/has better road holding/more grip/more attitude than is really the case.

Like all others, I imagine, I have a fair share of stone chips to the bonnet paintwork, the windscreen has several, very visible stone chips and there is a small "Tesco's" dent (without paintwork damage) in the left, rear door - otherwise no serious blemishes.

In JAN '07, I purchased fog light protection from Gray 52 and I've had no smashed lights to date. The car goes through the car wash regularly, I often forget to take Gray 52's foglight covers off but everything continues to stay in place, to my complete satisfaction and as witness to the reliability of Gray 52's products.

In my view, the most irritating design fault of the car is the boot lid in wet weather or after a visit to the car wash, because it is a water trap that provides an unwanted shower free of charge, if it is opened without the opener taking a step back once the lid has been released. Honda could have done a lot better here.

The car runs, MAR thru NOV, approx., on the Michelin Pilot Primacy tyres (225/45R17-45) that it was delivered with and on Bridgstone LM 25 tyres (205/55R16) during the winter months. The Michelins have so far done 27500 kms/17200 miles and the Bridgestones have done the rest. Both sets of tyres still have 1000s of kms of life yet.

Review summary - I still love my Civic and it is close to being the best value car I have ever owned (the only other car that would or does compete is the Nissan Almera GTI that I owned - equally reliable, equally good value for money, also great fun to drive but with narginally better roadholding/grip).

I am in no way connected to the Honda organisation and the Civic is my first Honda car.

Every mile is still a smile and I am still captivated by the lines of the car and the attitude which it projects.

One satisfied Civic owner :):):) x 10000.

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You have detailed my feelings so well !
I've let my car to my dealer today for the 40 000 km service and I'm driving a 7th gen Civic Model (will post a review about that).

Satisfaction is the word for me !
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