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Evening chaps

Hoping you can give me a quote for the following.

1. 5 year service ( 18k ish on clock atm )
Using FUCHS TITAN RACE PRO S 5W40 oil with HAMP filter
Also it may not be on the schedule but would like gearbox oil and spark plugs changed (using the best products in your expert opinion).

I am happy to supply the Oil and filter if it would be cheaper but I'm hoping you can be competitive ;)

2. FRS, I have OEM springs

3. Bulb upgrade to HID's

I'm looking to bring the car in 10th or 24th November and it would be a big help if the work can be completed same day, if not service needs to be done first.

(Looking to get brakes & springs upgraded in Feb)

Cheers :)

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Hi Ben,

Further to our chat on the phone earlier;

We spoke about doing the 6th service, just so you know where you're starting off from, as a relatively new owner.

And then for front and rear FRS, using shims in the rear to get the correct setup.

So prices for the both, using a maximum of 4 shims in the rear (so it could work out cheaper) and NGK plugs in the service, rather than the more expensive HKS;

6th service - £371.50
F & R FRS - £224.00

Hopefully speak to you later Ben, and see you on the 10th @ 9am :)

All the best,

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