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Hello all,

I notice that if I leave my car parked outside for a few hours (as opposed to garaged) during cold conditions, when I start up and move off there is often a pretty serious clutch judder and the front wheels judder in first gear, no matter what I do with the clutch. There's a lot of tranmission jerk and I have to slip the clutch to move off.

During the free 3 year inspection (invited by Honda before the warranty ran out) I commented about the jerky clutch and they fitted another one free (new front suspension free too).

It's a 52 plate 1.6 with ~ 47k miles. It only had 8k on the clock when I bought it at 3 years old, previously used by Honda head office. Maybe a pool car.

Anyone know a likely cause, noting that it's an intermittent fault which I don't notice when the car is warm.

This model is alo known for headlight adjuster motors sticking, anyone know if the motor mechanism is fixable without putting a whole new unit in (means taking the front bumper off etc - bah).

tvm [smilie=noeyedear-s: Lurkio
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