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So Bought my first civic, from a forum member, and have now had it 1 week and 1100 miles :)

After my ageing mondeo gave up the ghost in Belgium last year I have been looking for a medium family car with decent boot space, economy and at least some power.

It came down to the Mazda 3 and the Ford Focus until I accidentally changed my autotrader search and remembered/discovered the Honda Civic, then i wanted one a lot really really a lot.

The right car came up for sale and now a week later i am very happily writing this.

I have read a lot of detractions over the past few months about the Civic from reviewers and owners as well as a lot of great reviews. Some I agree with and some I am a wee bit confused.

I drove for 13 hours from Brighton to Berlin on Wednesday last week so have had a good chance to make friends with the car I bought.

After leaving the UK I didnt see another Civic until Berlin, several people came over to have a look at services and one person slowed down on the autobahn to see what it was.

The ride is hard........it is but i am not sure why it is pegged as back breaking.
The seats are soft and supportive, I could walk when i arrived and not be "I have just driven a bloody long way grumpy on arrival" which my wife appreciated
The car held the road beautifully and was frankly very easy to drive, no drama no mess just easy.

The driving position is fantastic, I have to buy cars with cruise control as I have a knee injury that has made long distance drives agony without it. I forgot to use cruise control for most of the journey and didn't even have a twinge.
When I did use cruise control this is the first car i have had with a footrest on the accelerator side as well as the clutch side.......genius

The 1.8 engine is great fun and returned good economy, I averaged 46-48 mpg (pumps not computer) um not a lot to say really, easy to pass traffic in 6th and not hold up the merc behind that wants to do 220 kph

I could get all 4 of my summer tyres in the boot, massive compared to all the other hatches, the only one that matches it is the skoda fabia estate.

Visibility.....ah yes, I didnt find this bad until night fell and I swapped my mirror into anti glare mode, Suddenly I had to be super careful as the spoiler could make some cars invisible if they were in a certain position and on the Autobahn this was not a huge ammount of fun and frankly dangerous so I had to remember to flick the mirror back to normal before pulling out.

The dash layout is easy, intuitive, and very pretty.

These cars dont seem to like wind. Has anyone else found the same?

We have had some reasonable but not gale force winds out here and motorway driving above 130kph gets not difficult but you do need to be alert as the wind seems to catch them and affect the handling at speed rather a lot.

All in all the smile has yet to leave my face, I keep leaving my apartment building through the car park so i can look at it :)


Lets see how the next few years go
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