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Hi all,

I have bought (3 years old) Civic 2.2 i-CDTi EX 8th edition in April (my first car) and got all the MUST HAVE before you drive stuff sorted so now need to sort out the service.

The car had been serviced according to Service Book on 5 occasion in Honda Dealers around the South West of England and had last service done in June 2010 @62k miles.
I got with the car Honda Vehicle Maintenance History Report as well so front pads have been changed in Jan 2011 the rear ones are bit squeaky now :(

1. Now when the car is not under the warranty is there any point of having the service done in Honda Garage?
My mate who has got garage said that he will service the vehicle for me with genuine Honda parts as well (and I can help him out as well to get the cost down and learn something new about the car :).
So just wanted to check what is your opinion and experience.

2. Price.
What am I looking to pay for this service at the Honda Garage if I decide to go there?
The Service Book on page 44 has not stamps on Valve Clearance Adjustment nor Timing Belt Change or Transmission Fluid Change.

3. What is generally done on the car with 78k mileage?
- Engine Oil + filter
- Sump washer
- Air filter pollen
- Break fluid
- Break pads / discs
- ..?

I know that each car is individual and it depends how is driven etc. but just want to have some idea.

Is there any point in paying extra, like 0W030 Castrol Professional Fuel Saver or some special break pads? If so what would you recommend or what have you got on your Civic?
(I am not looking for visual improvements, but instead trying to follow "We are not rich enough to buy cheap things".)

Thank you in advance for any comments.
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