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Hi guys, i am looking to change my car soon and would like to know some information about the 8th Gen. I will be 19 and hopefully have 2 years no claims in about a months time (touch wood) and have been looking at the 2008 onwards 1.8 Civic Type S.

1. What is the difference between the 1.8 i-VTEC type s and the type s GT
Spec - GT includes Glass Roof, climate control rather than air con., auto lights and wipers and Cruise Control, front fogs
2. Do they all come with a sat nav and cruise control built in - No GT has Cruise. Not sure if Nav was even an option on early ones.
3. Can they be tuned easily - a few back boxes, now a front pipe to allow aftermarket exhausts for a Type R to fit. Remap - if you remove the ECU 24-48 hour job. Plus the usual air filters. In my opinion not worth it.
4. Any major issues or problems to look out for. No major problems. I find the brakes are like chocolate, expect to replace pads and discs quite often.

Cheers for help in advance
My own personal opinion above.
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